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Hate trying on clothes in shops, it stresses me out so much

In general, there is a vast divide in Iran between official rules and unofficial social norms. “Twitter is forbidden in Iran. It is censored,” Asghari says. “Yet our president tweets every day.” The only Iranian fashion designer who agreed to speak on the record wanted anonymity, because he feared exposure would put his team and their families at risk of retaliation from the regime. “[Instagram] helps the young girls that are presenting their collections in their apartment and showrooms to sell their creations more easily,” says Muhammad* from Tehran. “It helps them to make a really good income for themselves each season, which I think is something to be proud of.” Today, many of Iran’s most popular style influencers are rejecting Eurocentric standards. "Middle Easterners, before they were a bit shy of Middle Eastern aesthetics, desperately wanted to dress European and Western, but the talent of young local designers has changed the scenario," Muhammad says. Traditional motifs like Persian poetry , ceramics, and architecture are inspiring some of the most popular prints and designs by local entrepreneurs. For example, Zahra Shiri , founder of Tehran-based Lakota Designs, is best known for shoes that depict Persian paintings and literary figures. From shoes and clutches to scarves , new Iranian designers are celebrating their unique cultural aesthetic from head to toe. But outerwear still reigns supreme as the most popular fashion product.

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